General FAQ

Baggage Allowance?

Most airlines allow 2 pieces of 23kg each to most destinations on Economy class

At what age is a child considered an infant passenger?

A child is an infant at age 0 to less than 2 years-Once he or she is 2 years of age then child fares apply.

Will I be provided accommodation for long layovers?-

Some airlines provide accommodation at no cost but it usually needs to be pre-booked.

Am I expected to have a hotel reservation to be allowed to fly?

Certain destinations are quite strict such as going to South Africa, in this case you need a genuine hotel reservation at the airport to avoid been turned back.

I have completed my payment but I am unable to travel. Can I leave my ticket open to be used at a future date?

Yes, you can leave your ticket open for some and use later. This must be within the validity period of the ticket.

Is my ticket refundable?

Tickets are of various restrictions, some are non-refundable while others are not. This is usually communicated by us before ticket is issued.

Can I redeem air miles when I make a booking with you?

Unfortunately, we cannot help you redeem your air miles (for example if you would like to book your flight using your accumulated credit). This must be done directly through the airline. You will also need to contact the airline directly if you want information about the status of your frequent flyer account unless you transfer the management to us. However, what we can do is make sure that your frequent flyer number is added to your booking to accrue your miles.

Is my ticket transferable?

Tickets are not transferable, the individual with the name on the ticket has to be the one travelling.

When can I cancel my reservation if I am no longer travelling?

This has to be cancelled out rightly on the same day the ticket was issued or cancelled 24hours before flight time to be used in future within the validity of the ticket and the rules guiding the tickets.

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